Marketing materials with a “shelf life”

One of the things we like to help our clients with is coming up with marketing plans that have a good “shelf life”.  You may be pondering “what is shelf life” and why do I care?  When creating marketing peices with a good shelf life, we are creating pieces that people will keep around for a while.  When we can get our prospects, databases, past clients, or farms to keep what we have either given them or sent off to them in the mail, we stand a much better chance they will remember us when they have a need for our services.  When consulting with our cilents we always ask questions like:

  1. Is this something you would keep?
  2. Would you see value in keeping this around?
  3. Would you place “this” magnet on your own refrigerator?
  4. Would you save something or remember something that said “Happy Mother’s Day”?  What if you weren’t even a mother?

When looking at what you plan to use as your marketing materials it really is as easy as asking yourself if you would keep what you plan to hand out.  We love the magnets because they have a long shelf life.  I recently removed a magnet from my refrigerator that was a calendar for the year 2006!  When I say recently, I mean a couple of weeks ago, August 2008!  I also remember who gave it to me, because I saw it every day.  Contact us to find out about some of the marketing programs we have that have a good “shelf life”.

It is still a great time to order our school schedule magnets, they have a GREAT shelf life…the whole school year.  You can find the order form on our site at.

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