Neighborhood businesses

When I think about local businesses, like the local pizza parlor, auto repair/service center, dentists, tanning salons, chiropractors, etc. You know, businesses that you frequent simply because they are close to your home…I often wonder why more them don’t use door hangers to market themselves.

Think about it! Door hangers may be a bit more expensive up-front…but, paying someone 20 bucks an hour to pass them out to a neighborhood costs much less the postage AND more importantly they stand out much more than postcards, which indeed have their place in marketing! When you use door hangers, they aren’t in a stack of mail with lots of other stuff…they are all by themselves on the door and the homeowner must remove it from the door, which should indeed cause them to take the time to see if it is interesting to them.

As for what to put on a door hanger when you choose this as your method of marketing. Look at what appeals to your prospects…NOT what appeals to you! You have to ask yourself…what is in for them?

I one time met with an AAMCO dealer in the area and I told him that I felt one of the best things he could do if he wanted to get people in the door for oil changes if offer to pick up their car and return it. People, especially mothers are so very busy and it is such an ordeal to get kids in the car, and if you have car seats to contend with that makes it even more fun. Put yourself in the shoes of the person that you are marketing to and ask yourself what can I do that would make life easier on the people I serve? Then…put it on a doorhanger! I myself would happily pay a small fee not to have to worry about how I am going to get my car “in” and scheduled for an oil change. It’s all about giving people options that make their lives less complicated, isn’t it????

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