The Marketing Magic Created By A Graphics Designer

One of the things that makes PrinterBees different than working with “the other guys” is our talented team of graphics designers who create and customize each and every marketing piece to the needs of our clients.  Our clients choose a template they like, provide the information they want included on their marketing piece and the rest of the magic is in the hands of a graphics designer, where it belongs.  Just like an architect is trained and has an eye to create and build beautiful buildings or an artist with a paint brush on a canvas turns colors to art, a graphics designer creates beauty and professionalism in your marketing.  It makes a world of difference in the way you’re perceived professionally.

I was inspired to write this piece when browsing our client files (as I often do) and this particular piece really caught my eye. It’s beautiful and so eye catching!  And, it’s a look that’s impossible to create with on-line design tools and the very basic design templates.  Design work like this requires the type of skilled artistry I have a deep respect for.

Before…..The Real Estate Market Activity postcard template as it’s displayed on the site

Market Activity Postcards


After…..The custom marketing piece created by our graphics design team. Stunning!

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 3.29.08 PM

It’s a great example of the difference a graphics designer makes in your marketing and it’s what PrinterBees is all about.  Sure, you can go “self-serve” and create your own marketing pieces with “on-line design tools” which limit the creativity of what you can do, we have one available on the PrinterBees website most people don’t bother with.   OR you can do like so many of our satisfied clients do, choose a template, provide the information you want included and sit back and relax while something beautiful and eye catching is being created for you by a professional, trained to do so.   And there’s no additional charge for the service, it’s just part of what we do to assist our small business clients with their marketing.

Request Print Samples Here:  The print quality is outstanding!
Shop our hundreds of templates:  We customize every one just for you…colors, fonts, photos and anything else you want changed!  Every client has a graphics designer assigned to them which is always the same, it’s like having your graphics designer on staff.  We set it up that way on purpose, because we knew you needed it.

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