Timing is everything with marketing

I have to call attention to the timing of this advertisement I saw while catching up on the news on CNN.   The back-ordered iPhone 5s’ are rumored to begin shipping in the beginning of November and there will be many people who have cell phones they no longer need.  I don’t watch much television so I’m not exposed to a lot of TV commercials and when I am exposed I am forever the “marketing critic“.

This commercial really stood out to me because I’m expecting my new gold iPhone 5s to arrive any-day and will have an extra phone.  I’m one of the millions of people waiting for their iPhone’s to arrive and this company (Usell.com) has timed their marketing to capitalize on it.  I love when I see great marketing and pledge to do a better job bringing attention to it on this blog.  A huge shout out to the marketing executive or team of people who put this advertisement together and the timing of it.  I bet this website is getting hit hard right now and that they are finding a huge return on their marketing investment, all due to timing.
Trade in Your Smart Phone for Fast Cash!

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There’s a lot that can be learned by watching the marketers who make the big bucks because they make it happen. Timing is everything and if I was looking to get rid of my iPhone 4s, I would be on this website researching how much I could get for it.  It’s going to my son or I would be selling it for sure!
Trade in Your Smart Phone for Fast Cash!


The day following the day I posted this article, my new iPhone arrived!  Timing!  I’ve seen this add many times since receiving my new iPhone and again, if I didn’t already have plans for my old phone, I would be on Usell.com trading in my phone.

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