Just mailed 272 6.5X9.5 Postcards for $39 – See receipt below

If you’ve not heard about Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from the Postal Service, it’s time we bring you up to speed. It’s like “God’s gift to small business marketing“! I just wrapped up a mailing of 272 pieces and the total cost of postage was only $39!!! They were 6.5 x 9.5, large postcards.

Here’s the receipt, I paid on-line and I HAD TO SHOW YOU!!


This is what you need to know about EDDM:

Mail as few as 200 postcards a day or up to 5000 per day at a rate of 16.5 cents ea. (the rate just changed)
There is no database needed, postcards are delivered via carrier route.
There’s no need for a bulk permit
No need to affix postage, just imprint your mailing piece with the EDDM indicia.
It costs less than $35 to mail 200 postcards!!!!!!

What are the EDDM Postcard Sizes?


Here is a link to another blog post with all of the details regarding EDDM. The Every Door Direct Mailing postcard sizes are the biggest question and confusion most people have. Any thing that has a measurement of 6.125X10.5 up to 12X15 mails for 16.5 cents. You can also mail items that are .25 – .75 inches in thickness, which is awesome for calendars, shopping bags or other promotional items you like to hand out.

As long as it meets the size guidelines, it’s delivered for 16.5 cents!

Make sure to visit this blog post “What’s is EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail” for all of the details on EDDM.

PrinterBees designs and prints to the EDDM specificiations, there’s no additional fees for the assistance of one of our graphics designers to get your EDDM campaign started.  See all of the EDDM Sized Templates on our site at:  EDDM Postcard Printing

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