I Received Your Marketing But…

Small Business Marketing TipsI recently received a clear envelope full of marketing for many different companies and as I reviewed it, I realized I was totally bored and had lost interest by the fifth marketing piece in the stack.  I’ll admit that I’m “different” when it comes to the way I see, tune-in to and look at marketing sent my direction, but it doesn’t change the fact that I was totally bored.  At what point do you think you would become bored and toss the stack?  I quit and tossed them out by the 10th in the stack (after photographing some of them for visual effect obviously!).

It pains me to know small business owners put their faith in something that won’t likely be fruitful if their marketing piece wasn’t at the top of the stack.  Small business owners are usually marketing budget challenged this approach may be less expensive than other alternatives on a “per piece” basis, but “little fish in big ponds” don’t usually get much attention or recognition.  There are great alternatives to campaigns like this which can be much more targeted and help businesses stand out by not being part of a stack where the marketing message simply gets lost.

Many small business owners are taking advantage the new service offering by the USPS called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) as a great alternative.   They’re choosing from the designs from the PrinterBees website, they use the PrinterBees graphics design team to customize their marketing (it’s included at no additional fee), they’re getting consistent and they’re mailing at a postage rate of 14.5 cents per pc.  There is much more about EDDM in this blog post “What is EDDM“?  If you’re not familiar with EDDM, I recommend learning about it.  What Is EDDM

Some small business owners are implementing email marketing as part of their plan to increase new and repeat business.  Collecting email addresses continues to be one of the fastest, easiest and most cost effective means of marketing, IF you have a good list.  Here is a link to a great article on email marketing, why it works and how to get started.  There’s nothing more important with email marketing than the quality of the list, the quality of the marketing and more importantly, the consistency of it.   Email marketing can also get lost in the inbox when not executed properly.  Rookie Email Marketing Mistakes – How To Avoid Them.

Marketing with promotional items is also a great means of marketing and increasing repeat business.  Promotional items like pens, shopping bags, note pads, t-shirts, etc. have staying power and build your brand while creating name recognition.  There is only one Realtor(R) I know the name of in my neighborhood because I’ve seen his pens so many times at the local restaurant my family and I frequent.  He always makes sure they have a supply of pens for signing receipts and everyone there knows his name.  Great marketing that’s cost effective at .30 cents ea.  Information regarding pens

As you make plans for the new year, keep in mind when considering marketing approaches that if you would toss the marketing piece, so would most other people.  If it wouldn’t work on you, don’t try it on others, save your marketing budget for something more effective.  Pay attention and tune in to what type of marketing works on you, it offers a great insight to what might work for your business.

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