Rookie email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

Email marketing is a very, very effective means of marketing when executed correctly and it can do more harm than good when done poorly. This post was inspired by an email marketing message I received today that in all honesty, offended me. The coach in me wanted to contact him to give him some pointers on how to better approach his marketing next time, but that would be really rude, presumptuous and completely inappropriate, so instead I decided to write a blog about it. I hope it’s helpful…

The first mistake in the email was the subject, which included an insult. He meant it towards himself and had the absolute best of intentions, but it came off as an insult. I opened and read the email because I knew the sender and I always read email marketing, it’s fascinating to me.

The second mistake was the subject of the email itself. Again, the intention was good, but the execution off. I have not talked to, seen, or heard from this person in well over six months, we are acquaintances at best. The email came out of nowhere. Like he woke up this morning and decided “today is the day I’m going to do email marketing” to every email address I’ve ever collected. Email marketing takes planning, should be well thought out and it takes patience, lots of patience. An email list must be “warmed” and courted with emails that add value and include some sort of introduction if its been along time since you’ve been in touch.

The best way to start is to send an “I’m sorry I lost touch, but I intend to do better email”, letting the people on your list know you plan to contact them. A better approach in warming the list would to have sent an email letting me know that he had lost touch, but planned to be in contact and available more often, that would have left me EXPECTING his next email communication, vs being blindsided by invasion of my inbox. He could have added that he would be forwarding along market information as it became available or keep me posted on big happenings in his area of expertise. There are many approaches he could have taken to have me looking forward to his next email.

Third rookie mistake is a biggie and is to be continued in a follow-up post tomorrow. Make sure you’re a blog subscriber so you don’t miss part two!  Part 2 of this post

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