Getting The Most Of Your Door Hanger Printing

When creating a door hanger campaign to market your products or services, it is important to make sure you keep a few things in mind to get the most out of having door hangers printed.

If you want the people of the community you distribute your door hangers in to pay attention to and read your door hangers, you need to remember one of the first rules in marketing – KISS.  Keep It Simple Stupid!  By keeping your marketing message simple, concise and to the point, people are much more likely to give it their attention.  Life is crazy busy and we all have way more to do in a day than time to do it.  If your marketing message takes more than a moment to read, you are guaranteed to loose the attention of your reader.  Lesson here…Keep It Short…Keep It Simple.

Your door hanger should include a message that benefits the client.  Did you catch that….it needs to BENEFIT THE CLIENT.  The most common mistake people make with their marketing messages is making it about their businesses and not about the client.

The best way to sort out the difference between making your message about you verses the client is to make a list of problems that your product or service solves for your potential clients.  Once you list out the problems people have, list next to it how your product or service solves that problem.  How your product solves the problem is what should be included on your door hanger.  In marketing lingo…it is listing the “benefits” to the client, vs. the “features” of what your product does.   The same holds true for your postcards, fliers, brochures or anything else you plan to market your business with.

Include images to help convey your message.  Generally speaking people are visual and when you consider how visual people are, pictures help!  If you have having a sale, make sure to include a “sale image” that everyone recognizes.  If you want people to STOP and look, include a stop sign.    If you are promoting the local pizza parlor, make sure to include an image of a delicious mouth watering piece of pizza.   If you have included a coupon on your door hanger, make sure to make the word SAVE NOW stand out so people can’t miss it.

All marketing pieces, including your door hangers need to have some sort of  “call to action”, telling the prospective customer exactly what you want them to do once they read or look at your information.  If you don’t tell people what you want them to do, how will they know?  Don’t assume it is obvious.  If you want them to order today…then tell them “order today”.    If you want prospective clients to call you, include something that says “call me today” and make sure to provide a good reason why someone would call you.

I encourage you to read a great book I stumbled upon to help keep things in perspective.  It will save you a lot of time, not to mention a lot of aggravation when it comes to writing “ad copy”.   Writing good copy takes a lot of practice and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a few great tips of a great copy writer.  This book is worth its weight in gold!.


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