Five Rules For Business Card Printing

The next time you have business card printed, please consider the following:[media:]

Collect yourself a stack of business cards and flip through them quickly and watch how long it takes you to find the name of the person on the card!  It will shock you to see how long it takes to find the name of some people the way their cards are designed.   I recently went through a stack of 100 business cards, trying to find one particular person and was shocked at how well hidden some people’s names are on their business card.

  1. Put your name in a prominent location on your business card, it should be in a larger font and it should stand out!
  2. Include your head shot on your business card IF you want people to remember your name.  People have a much easier time remembering the names of people when they have an image they can attach to the name.  There is scientific proof to back this up!
  3. Don’t clutter up your business card with too many phone numbers.  KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!), less is better. You only have 2.5 X 3 inches to work with, use wisely.   With the new service that Google is offering called “Google Voice”, you only need one number, which will ring wherever you want it to.  You must be invited by Google to have a Google Voice number.  I recommend putting in your request now, it is a great service and it even transcribes your voice mail messages for you!  Click here to learn more about Google Voice!
  4. Make sure your phone number is obvious and easy to find, along with your email address.  Those two pieces of information are the most important in this day and age.  Again, refer to #3 regarding phone numbers!
  5. Add color to your card.  If you want your business card to be located easily in a stack of business cards, add color to it so it can be identified in “the stack”.  If you go back through the stack of cards I told you go through before, you will find the cards with color more memorable and easy to identify.

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