Why Internet Marketing WON’T work and Print Marketing Will in some cases

Though the Internet is an essential means of marketing, it’s important to note that print marketing should still be considered essential to local businesses. PrinterBees considers all means of marketing and will give it to you straight with what does an does not work.

Door Hanger Marketing is still a great option that WORKS for local businesses like Pizza Parlors, restaurants that offer take out, gardeners, donation pick-up reminders, just listed properties and offerings that effect the local community. They are a great offering because they have to be taken off the door, which means it IS looked at and at least given a moment of consideration before a decision is made of what to do with it.

For companies that offer “take out delivery”, delivery people should be encouraged to drop door hangers to five or ten doors in each direction from the home they have delivered to. Delivery drivers should also always provide a magnet with information for reordering, menu magnets are an even better choice. When you print menu items on a magnet,your employees spend less time on the phone discussing the menu because the customer has in on their refrigerator! The customer is likely to keep your menu magnet because they have ordered from you before and will likely order again if they always know how to reach you without searching. Can you say “top of mind awareness”?

Business card sized magnets are perfect for your contact information to always be handy if you prefer not to do the menu items. If you print a coupon code that is good “until further notice”, your customer will also most likely keep it because they won’t want to loose their valuable coupon code on the magnet.

Custom magnets, door hangers and business card magnets are not only great marketing options, they are cheap when you consider the return on investment. And don’t forget that we offer design services as well, so you are never alone in trying to figure out what to put on your next door hanger, magnet, postcard, business card, color flyers, brochures or whatever else you happen to need printed!

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