How we compare to Vista Print…

We recently had a client who was a “little frustrated” with us because he kept uploading his color business card file to our site and he kept receiving messages about the “bleed” and that the file needed to be adjusted before we could print it for him.

As any normal human being would, after uploading the file for the 3rd time and being told it was still not right, he became just a bit frustrated.  I too would be pretty frustrated if I didn’t know what the heck a “bleed” was, etc.  We had him send us his file so we could see exactly what was going wrong, so we could help him fix it.  After reviewing the file, we found that his original file had been set up to be printed at Vista Print.  It is easy to “spot” a Vista Print template, because their business cards are 1/16 of an inch smaller than the industry standard, and they print at a screen of 300, which is a lower resolution.

The print “screen” that has a higher resolution does not show little dots on the final product when you look at it closely.  We notice the little dots from business cards that were printed at Vista Print when taking them outside or by looking at them in a decently lit room.  It really stands out when you look at the dark printing, like the color black.  Color Business cards from Printerbees look great in any type of light and have no little dots on them because the print screen is higher.  We will happily provide you with samples to compare side by side by request so you can see the difference for yourself.

We always want to help our clients in any way possible and part of that process is “fixing” business card, postcard, brochure, letterhead, envelopes or whatever type of files need a little extra attention when need be, just like we did with our recent client who is now a very “happy camper” in his own words.  We encourage people to create their own files and then send them on over for a little additional “TLC”, which we charge a very nominal fee.  We want our clients to be happy and typically do whatever we can to accomodate our clients – WITHIN REASON  and when appropriate.

Give us a shot on your next color printing job.  We have top quality printing and great prices.

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