business card design tips Part 1

Color business card printing has entered a completely new dimension with “digital printing” and online printing companies like “”.  You may be asking yourself why…and the answer is simple…COST, it is now very inexpensive to have business cards printed in full-color because they are digitally printed these days.

Because we talk to so many people about business cards, color business cards, paper stock for business cards and anything else you can think of which relates to business cards.  We definitely notice one real trend.  People are just not sure what to put on their business cards or what they should look like with regards to “design help”.

Here are some simple guidelines to consider the next time you order or design business cards for yourself.

1.        KISS – Keep It Simple “S.….” – I hate to call anyone “S…..”, so I won’t.  But seriously keep it very simple.

2.       Put only the contact information that is necessary.  People don’t need every piece of information or every phone number you have.  Limit your contact information to:

a.       Your name and title are the two most obvious pieces of information.

b.      Your Office or Direct Line

c.       Your cell phone, if you don’t have the ability to forward your calls to your cell phone.

d.      Your fax number – and if you have an “efax”, don’t put “efax” on your business card.  It confuses people and they think they too have to have “efax” to fax you something.  Simply put Fax:

e.      Your email – ONLY one email account.  If you are looking at a business card that has two email accounts listed, you have to decide which one you should use.  Make it obvious by using only one email account.  If you have multiple, utilize the forwarding options to keep people from having to guess.

f.        Your web address.  If you don’t have a web address, simply put…You NEED to fix that.  The Internet plays a huge role in the success of any business in the “New Millennium”.  If you don’t have a website, get one.  When you do decide to put up a website, make sure the person who designs it for you knows what they are doing.  I could seriously write about 10,  10 page articles about finding the right web designer.  Buyer Beware…seriously.   If you aren’t sure what questions you should ask.  Contact me and I will tell you.

g.       Your physical address – but only if necessary.  My business card doesn’t have an address on it.  I own an online printing company.  What do people need my address for?

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