To blog or not to blog

When meeting with prospective clients to discuss their marketing plans I often talk about the Internet being a key factor in any marketing plan they have.  One of the most cost effective and simple ways to get your name, thoughts, ideas and business “out there” is to blog about it!  I tell my clients that blogging about what they do and who they are will really give people a chance to get to know them and more importantly their businesses.

Not only is blogging a way to tell people about yourself and business, it also happens to be key when it comes to search engine marketing.  The Google, Yahoo, and MSN “robots” that are out trolling the Internet looking for information are also looking for NEW information.  New and fresh content is like an invitation for the spiders, robots and web crawlers to pay you a visit and more importantly INDEX YOUR SITE!

With that…I will say it again, I will scream it from the top of the mountains.  START Blogging!  it builds charactar…just kidding…it doesn’t really build character, that just sounded good and I thought it would encourage you to start.  You have to start somewhere.  So, go to, sign up for a free account and just “go for it’!

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