Marketing “give aways”

This weekend, I had the pleasure of taking my two kids to the local “festival” where many of the local businesses rent space to create interest.  As mentioned in so many of my other posts, I am always very focuses on putting myself in the shoes of the consumer.  With that in mind, I definitely thought about that as I cruised around this event.

One of the things that really jumped out at me was which vendors had the most activity and opportunity to give out business cards, postcards with offers, fliers, brochure, etc.  The vendors with the most traffic were the ones who were giving away things to the KIDS…let me say that again….a matter of fact…LET ME SCREAM IT!  They were GIVING AWAY THINGS TO THE KIDS.  If you want to attract foot traffic at your next festival, you must have something more to give away other than the typical business cards, postcards, brochures and fliers.  Most people in this age cater to their children, especially at festivals and fairs.  I myself didn’t want to even go to this event, my kids begged me for a week and that is the ONLY reason we went.

So, the lesson in all this, make sure you have marketing “give aways” for the kids, even if the product or service you are offering has nothing to do with kids.  With kids, comes parents, with parents comes the decision makers and it doesn’t have to be something that is costly to attract them.  You can give away bookmarks, pens, post it notes, balloons, face painting, magnets, stickers, temporary tattoos and anything else that kids like.

Happy selling and please be sore to post your thoughts on what has worked for you, we would love to hear from you.

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