LinkedIn, is it overrated?

I don’t think so!  LinkedIn has over 53 million users, and it is reported that a quarter of a million more people join LinkedIn every day.  The crazy part about this whole “LinkedIn thing” is that the fastest growing demographic “linkingIn” are the 25 yr. old and over crowd.  The “crowd” hangin’ out in this fast growing online meeting place is also packed full of executives like Vice Presidents and CEO’s.

Are people on LinkedIn as a way to “toot their own horn” about what they are up to or is there a genuine “networking” phenomenon is all I want to know?

I just recently found out that LinkedIn is now allowing you to post your company overview, with links to your site.  You can add links to your site and you get to create a “fan club” of LinkedIn subscribers to your business listing.  With LinkedIn having the already enormous and fast growing subscriber base, you owe it to your business and to your Internet Marketing plan to be On LinkedIn.  It creates just one more link and one more opportunity for Google, MSN and Yahoo! to find and index your site.

Stop what you are doing if you haven’t done it already and get your business and website listed on LinkedIn.  It’s FREE,,,,what are you waiting for.

SEO, one little optimization step at a time.

To create your business page on Facebook go to:

Make sure to create at least a brief description of your company and services.  Probably more about your services vs. product as that is really what people are interested in, isn’t it?

Also, your business page will not be posted on LinkedIn until you click on publish, so make sure to publish it once you are done adding your information.

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