Handwritten Notes or Greeting Cards

Sending out a handwritten note or greeting card is one sure way to stand out in the crowd. We have one client who works at Wachovia Bank as a mortgage consultant and he orders more business cards than any other client we have.  He seems to go through about 1,000 business cards about every other month.  The last time I talked to him I just had to ask…what the heck are you doing with all of these business cards?  You order more than any other person I have ever met!  He explained to me that his business has remained consistent simply because he sends out hand written notes every day and so people don’t forget him.  So simple to do, but so rarely done.  If you made a commitment to send out 5 thank you notes or greeting cards every day, think about the difference that would make in your business.

I recently read an article about a gentleman named Joseph Samuel Girard who was inducted in to the Automotive Hall of Fame.  He is also known as The Greatest Salesmen in the World.  Over a period of of 12 straight years, Joseph sold more cars than any other person on record. Over a 15 year career in car sales he sold 13,001!  Yes, over 13,000 cars!  If he had worked EVERY DAY over that 15 year period,  he would have sold 2.3 cars per day.  We know he didn’t work every day, so think about how many cars he averaged selling on the days he actually worked…what…about 5 a day!  Are you kidding me…I just want to know his secret weapon!  Well, I assuming you can probably guess where I am going here.  It is said that Joseph accomplished all this with one simply technique.  He kept in touch with his customers by sending them written cards…CONSISTENTLY.

Need I say more?  The low hanging fruit is all in your past clients and sphere of influence.  Order your custom note cards today and start making a difference in your own business by sending out note cards and greeting cards religously.  It really does work.

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