Monthly Marketing A Must!

I work very closely with so many of my clients who want to take thier businesses to the next level and are looking for some direction and marketing help.

At our initial meeting, I am always so suprised to hear my new clients (mostly small business owners) say “well, I tried doing a mailing before and I got no response”. When I dig a little further to find out a bit more information, I find out…they mailed ONE TIME!

You can’t expect to mail to a bunch of people who have never heard of you before ONE TIME and expect them to call you. Are you kidding me? “They”…whoever “they” is say that people must see your ad no less than 6-7 times before they will even remember you exist or remember your name.

The marketing industry isn’t a 3 BILLION dollar industry because you can send a message out one time and expect people to remember you. Think about how many times you must see an ad on TV before that company rings a bell with you. I would ask you to ask yourself, “do you remember a small business that mailed out their marketing message to you one time?”

This is why we have our Monthly Postcard program, which really is one of the most cost effective ways to market your busines MONTHLY so people will remember your business. Let’s break it down so you can get over the shock of having to market your business every month.

500 – 4X6 Postcards – $52.48
500 – .27 Cent Stamps – $135
Total marketing budget if this is all you did every month…. $187

I don’t know any small businesses that could survive on a marketing budget of less than $200 a month, but this sure is a great way to get started. And…we don’t charge you a design fee every month. We have a one-time $35 set up fee that includes minor changes over time to your postcard if you wish to make them, but other than that….we are talking about LESS THAN $200 as a marketing budget.

Contact us today…we are happy to help! We love helping small business owners to get some sort of marketing plan in place and we do it with business cards (yes, you can turn your business card in to a marketing piece), postcards, brochures, booklets, flyers, and so much more.

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