Consistency really does work…

One of our long time clients is Gail Boal, who is a Realtor for Keller Williams based here in Pleasanton.  I don’t actually get the chance to catch up with Gail very often because we are both so busy.  Gail has us handle all of her monthly postcards and mailings for her and has been consistent with that for the last year or more.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Gail last week as we were discussing a couple of strategies and I wanted to make sure that we were offering the best that we could. Well…I was so pleased to hear that Gail’s business is really going strong.  She has been consistent with her marketing message and more importantly she is remembering her past clients.  There is nothing more important in my mind than remembering your past clients.  They already know you, they already trust you….It is a marriage made in heaven.

One of my other recent visits with another one of my clients here in the Bay Area said it best when he said to me “So many Realtors cut back on marketing when times get tough, I keep up with my marketing and cut back on overhead by reducing the size of my team.”  It is a big mistake to cut back on marketing when times get tough, people forget you or possibly think you are one of the many that has left the real estate business, in this case. 

Keep in touch with people by mailing to them at least once per month, we have programs that can keep your marketing budget to $100 a month.  Think about it, $100 a month can help you to make several thousands if you just get started.  Contact us at for information on our monthly postcard programs…they really do work!

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