You spent how much on business card printing?

I met with one our Internet Marketing clients yesterday at his office and we discussed many things with regards to his marketing including his business card printing. I was stunned as I think he was that he paid $149 for 1000 business cards that weren’t nearly as nice as the business cards we sell for 49.99.

At first he wasn’t “buying what I was selling” figuring that the quality of the business card wasn’t that good. He asked if I happened to have a sample on-hand assuming they wouldn’t “match-up” in quality. He looked totally surprised to find that not only were our business cards $100 less! The quality was so much better.

He assured me that he would be using the next time he needed business cards printed along with postcards, fliers, etc. We are meeting next week to see where else I can save him on his marketing/printing costs.

If your not sure if we can help you save, give us a call, we can evaluate where we can help. If we can’t help in lowering your cost, we will surely be honest about it.

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