What about your past clients?

It is always surprising to me when when I meet with small business owners how many of them don’t think about most obvious prospects when they are looking to increase business.

Working with small business owners is our specialty and providing hand holding and consulting is something we do on a regular basis. I find that when we start asking questions about the current marketing, past marketing, what has worked, what hasn’t, I am always surprised to find out that there is absolutely no marketing to the people who have already done business with them. it is absolutely in my mind the most obvious group of people to market to. They already know and like you…so what’s the question!

Some of the ideas that you can implement is to do postcard marketing to them, call them or email them. Now…LISTEN UP…sending them ONE postcard, one email or calling them one time…WILL NOT WORK. Whatever you choose, you MUST be consistent and it must be ongoing. And I mean….ONGOING. You cant quit or it wont work….let me say that one more time….YOU CAN’T QUIT OR IT WONT WORK!

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