Search Engine Marketing

We are fortunate to work with many small businesses in the area to help them with their marketing. The one thing I find that is consistent with so many of the businesses we work with is that they don’t want to “release the reigns” and allow us to do what we do.

When it comes to Search Engine Marketing, which is soooooooo very important in this day and age, do businesses really have a choice but to “jump on the bandwagon” and make sure their websites are found by people looking and searching for the services they offer? I THINK NOT! The problem is that some of these businesses know they need it, but are unwilling to pay to have it done by a professional. Would you do surgery on yourself of would you go to a doctor to have it done? Do you work on your own car, or do you have it done by a mechanic? Isn’t SEO the same?

SEO is so technical and there are so many facets to it that it needs to be handled by an expert. It needs to be handled by someone who understand HOW Google, Yahoo! and MSN work. Are you a business owner or a web master?

Bottom line…you focus on what you do best…run your business and let us focus on what we do, marketing. Sometimes the best thing you can do is get YOURSELF out of the way and let the experts take over. Even Tiger Woods has a coach!

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