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Marketing your business is important to PrinterBees, so we have come up with some great resources and links we have identified to help you to build and maintain your business.

Stop by our Marketing Resources page frequently to learn what the latest and greatest marketing strategies and ideas for marketing your business beyond the "printing press". We realize that online printing is only one of many marketing strategies you can take for your business and that finding unique ways to market your business can be challenging. We have compiled this great list of companies who provide services that we don't. Check these companies out to see how they can help you to reach your marketing goals.
Get Your own Toll Free Number 

Virtual Office: This technology makes it easy for you to work from ANYWHERE with one phone number that can ring wherever you decide you would like it to ring. Includes the ability to recieve electronic faxes as well. This is a great product that PrinterBees uses exclusively for our many virtual offices. is CHEAP...CHEAP...CHEAP!!!!

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Budget Conferencing Banner
Budget Conferencing has been simplifying conferencing for more than seven years, helping businesses improve productivity and communications while saving expenses associated with traveling to meetings.

Check Printing:

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Internet Marketing:
Spy on Your Competitors - Target Their Keywords
Spy on Your Competitors
SpyFu is a great tool to see what your competitors are up to. This great tool helps you to determine what keywords your competitors are using along with a lot of other helpful information to help you with your internet marketing strategies.

PrinterBees - Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing specialists are now available at PrinterBees to boost your companies website to the top of the search engines. Learn more about our Internet Marketing services now.

Real Estate Sign Printing:
Custom Signs, Real Estate, Magnetic, Yard Signs

E-mail Marketing:
i-contact is a great e-mail marketing campaign tool to keep in touch with the people most important to your business. Your contacts! This great tool gives you a report following every message you send, so you will have total insight on what works and what doesn't.

Domain Names:
This we have found is the best place for purchasing domain names. The user interface is very simple, to purchase a domain name is cheap. Very easy to navigate. - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

Organization Tools
My new most favorite tool to keep myself from forgetting to take care of things, the little things that don't necessarilly show up on your calendar. My new favorite tool is Reqall. Visit to sign up for this great service that is totall free. You will never forget the things you set

Virtual Office:
Ring Central offers an excellent way to have your phone follow you wherever you go. Ring Central is really inexpensive, offers 800 phone numbers and will forward to any number you would like it to. For our clients in the Real Estate field, this is a GREAT solution because the number is yours to keep no matter what company you work for. Just having the ability to have ONE phone number that never changes is reason enough to try Ring Central. By using the link below, you will receive a 10% discount. Try it now...You will love this service. It's only $9.99 a month, you can't beat the price or the value.
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Electronic Fax:
Don't ever loose a fax again by having them come straight to your email box as a PDF. With Ring Central's fax solution you won't ever have to worry about who picked up your fax off the fax machine, or if your fax will be lost. You can easily forward faxes when need be and more importantly, you can save faxes electronically, so you don't have paper everywhere. Use the link below and receive your first 30 days free.
Try RingCentral Fax FREE for 30 Days

Marketing with Voicemail Tools:
One of our favorites is a great product from! Youmail is a mobile phone voicemail system that allows you to customize your greetings for your most important clients. Your clients will feel so very important to you, when they try to contact you and get your voicemail and you have a special greeting just for them. You can record anything you like and they also offer several pre-recorded messages for you to choose from too. Our other favorite feature with Youmail is that ALL of your voicemail's come right to your email inbox! You can still retrieve them the old fashioned way, but you can also listen to them on-line. it is truly an amazing service that we recommend to everyone. more thing...Youmail is TOTALLY FREE!

Screen Capture Tools:
We have recently fallen in love with "jing", which is a tool to easily capture and create videos of what is happening on your screen.  When you visit the tutorials page on our site, we have used Jing to create these short videos that show you how to use our on-line design tool.  The best thing about again, it is TOTALLY FREE! it is very easy to use.

Check back frequently for more great marketing resources. This is a new resource to our site and we have much more to add. Stay tuned!