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Printer Bees is a full-service marketing, Internet marketing and online printing company.

Printing with PrinterBees is fast, easy and affordable when it comes to business printing. We cater to small business and sole proprietors in helping them to build and maintain their businesses and clientele. Our business printing includes business cards, postcard printing, poster printing, rack cards, brochures, flyers, envelopes, stationary, real estate flyers and much more. We are committed to helping our clients build brand recognition and consistency with consistent marketing programs and more importantly in this day and age...Internet Marketing services.

Our business printing solutions include graphics design services, are price competitive and you can count on great customer service, not to mention the best quality! We don't "nickel and dime" our clients with upload fees, additional fees for headshots, added color fees, proofing fees, etc. What you see on the price list is what you can count on.  Check out our price comparisons page.  Our prices are much better than even Vista Print.

At PrinterBees, we not only provide great quality printing we also offer graphics design services so our clients have options. Our graphics design fees are simple. $75/hr. until your project is complete to your satisfaction. We provide up front estimates upon request and always work hard to stay within those guidelines.  We also do a great job of designing business cards from our many business card templates for only $35.

If you don't find what you are looking for on our web-site, don't hesitate to contact us to see if we can find it for you. 

We look forward to working with you to grow and maintain your business both in print and with Internet Marketing solutions!

About the "Queen Bee" - Meet Nadine, the owner of PrinterBees

My Name is Nadine Larder, and I would first like to welcome you to PrinterBees where we hope to provide you not only great printing products, but also great marketing solutions for your business. I want to inspire you to do great things with your business by offering you simple and easy to keep up with marketing programs that are affordable and effective.

I started helping Realtors with their marketing projects when I found this was what I really enjoyed doing vs. selling real estate, originating loans or partnering with my husband who is a practicing Realtor. Yes, I am a licensed Real Estate Agent (non-practicing) who's favorite part of the job was the marketing part of it! They say that you should do what you love! I decided that I enjoyed helping my husband with his marketing so much that there was no reason I couldn't be helpful to other Realtors in the area with their marketing programs as well. 

I started out as BrokerPhotos because I also love to take photos and was doing many headshots for my Realtor and Mortgage Broker Clients. I realized that the name BrokerPhotos didn't really address all I was doing, so I changed the name to Broker Branding. After all, we were helping brokers to brand themselves...BUT that didn't say we did printing, so people were confused. That led me to PrinterBees! What a GREAT name and I couldn't believe the URL wasn't already taken by someone else. The fun things we could do with this great company name are endless.  I mean "Queen Bee", who doesn't want to be called Queen Bee?  I sure have fun with it and my clients seem to enjoy it as well.  Who knows, maybe one day my family will even catch on to the whole "queen bee" thing.  It could happen! 

My focus with PrinterBees is to work with small business owners to help them gain more market share by actually having a marketing program that addresses new business as well as repeat business from the past clients who already know and like them. Our programs are simple, easy to follow, cost effective and really do work. As a small businesses owner myself, I am always on the team of the underdog and have a passion for helping small businesses forge ahead. It is very rewarding and I feel so blessed to have the job/career I have.

I am always happy to answer any questions you have about my on-line printing business, you can feel free to contact me directly anytime. My direct line is 925-361-8309 and my direct email is  I also encourage you to check out the blog on Printer bees.  It has a lot of great information on it and wonderful tips that have been tested and approved!  Check it out, it is a great marketing resource.


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